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Why is it worth visiting Dubai now?


Dubai Expo 2020 is the main reason to visit Dubai now

The legendary world exhibition Dubai Expo 2020 will allow you to visit different countries and to travel in time: see the future or learn more about the important achievements of the past. Traditionally for the past two centuries, the international exhibition of advanced technologies has been held every 5 years. Most of the latest developments were presented at Expo for the first time, such as TV, mobile phones and even ketchup!

Every Expo exhibition is getting more interesting and spectacular. Dubai has properly prepared for this event. The huge territory, which can easily accommodate up to 600 football fields, houses the pavilions of 192 participating countries and partners. The design and architecture of each pavilion is a unique piece of art. From a flight altitude, the exhibition looks like a flower in the middle of the desert with three petals: blue, green and yellow. Each petal symbolizes a district of the exhibition: Mobility, Sustainability and Opportunity.


Mobility District

Mobility district is dedicated to new technologies for movement and communication. One of the most spectacular pavilions in this section is Alif, which was designed by the famous British architect and one of the founders of the high-tech style - Norman Foster. Here, visitors will ride in complete darkness on the world's largest elevator (accommodates up to 160 people). They will see giant figures of famous travelers and scientists who have contributed to the development of human mobility. In this district guests also can ride unmanned vehicles of the future, explore space and visit the antipodes station.

Sustainability District

Here the guests will see the latest and greatest inventions for providing mankind sustainable development such as wastewater recycling, desert greening and new energy sources. The most popular pavilion in this district is Terra, which is surrounded by huge iron trees with solar panels.

Opportunity District

In the pavilions of this district everyone will make sure that the possibilities of each person are endless! Visitors can walk through the "garden of opportunities" in the Monaco pavilion, see a new reality with flying taxis and drones in the Saudi Arabia pavilion and learn how Switzerland will face the challenges of the future.

How to visit Dubai Expo 2020?

The exhibition runs from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. There is a huge parking lot and even a helicopter pad on the exhibition territory. Tourists can also get there by metro from the Dubai center, the station is called Expo 2020. At our website you can book entrance tickets to Dubai Expo 2020 for 1 or 30 days with transfer from other emirates. Enjoy an exciting journey to the future!

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