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Summer Holidays in the UAE


Hot climate in the UAE

It is always warm and sunny in the UAE due to the dry subtropical climate. Due to this climate in summer months the air temperature reaches + 41 + 45 degrees, the sea warms up to +35 +37 degrees. Exhausting heat makes staying outside longer than 10 minutes uncomfortable and sometimes unsafe. Therefore, summer in the Emirates is considered a low season. Many tourists have a long-awaited vacation in the summer and want to see something new.

To go or not to go to the UAE in summer? As in all resort countries, airfare, travel and hotel prices are reduced during the low season. If you do not tolerate the heat, suffer from cardiovascular diseases, it is better to choose another resort for summer holidays.


If the heat +40 does not scare you, then we recommend choosing Fujairah for a summer vacation. Fujairah is located on the shores of the Indian Ocean. It is surrounded by mountains, which makes the climate here more mild and comfortable even in summer. Don’t forget to wear hats and clothes which cover the body from the scorching sun. We recommend you to make your travel route in such a way that you could spend the morning and evening outside and to be indoors in the afternoon. If you can’t sit by the pool at the hotel, then in the daytime you should not stay under the open sun longer than 15 minutes. By the way, the Arabs themselves spend most of the time in the summer in shopping centers, where they are always comfortable and cooled. There is always something to do, local shopping centers have a lot of entertainments, food courts, cafes, restaurants and shops. You can fresh up in transport and at bus stops, many of which are air-conditioned.

In order not to be bored at the hotel, you can go on a tour. Typically, the day tour itinerary includes visits to closed attractions, where pleasant coolness is maintained. A good option in the summer will be a tour to the water park. There are a lot of them in the Emirates, for example three water parks in Dubai. In the Ski Dubai entertainment complex, the temperature is -5 even in the summer. It is a snowy town where you can go skiing or snowboarding all year round, see penguins. The best time for relaxing on the beach in summer is morning and evening. What can be more beautiful than a sunset on the seashore? Have a good rest and an easy trip to the country of Eastern fairy tales!

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