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Holidays in the UAE: which resort to choose?

In the United Arab Emirates, 6 out of 7 emirates actively invest in the development of tourism. New hotel complexes, various entertainments, beaches and even islands are built every year. All emirates in the UAE have their own facilities and advantages. In our article we’ll try to find out where it is better to relax in the UAE.


Perhaps it is the most popular emirate in the country among tourists: attendance records are constantly breaking here. The authorities lay much efforts and constantly build new hotels and entertainments. The main advantages of a vacation in Dubai are chic shopping, city entertainments and tours, beach holidays.

Ras Al Khaimah

Ras al-Khaimah attracts with its fabulous beaches. It is the northern emirate with a milder climate: temperature and humidity are lower than in other states. On the artificial Marjan island, resort complexes are actively being built. There are also some sights in the city: Watchtowers, the ancient city of Julfa, camel racing, hot springs and a huge water park. Fans of extreme sports can go diving, hiking in the mountains or visit local exotic villages.


The main feature of this emirate is a very strict adherence to the laws and norms of religion: women walk in modest clothes, alcohol is forbidden. Sharjah is also the cultural center of the UAE. There are many historical sights and museums, bazaars, nice cafes, clean and safe beaches which are comfortable for families with children. Ideal resorts for family vacations in the UAE are located in Sharjah.


Fujairah is well-known for its unique underwater world with coral reefs. This emirate is located on the shores of the Indian Ocean in the Gulf of Oman. Octopuses, parrot fish, barracudas, lobsters, reef sharks live in local waters. Diving and fishing are very popular here. The coast of the emirate is a continuous sandy beach. Nature with hot springs and a waterfall is very beautiful. Guests of the city can visit the local museum, beach bullfights and the Gold Market.


It is the smallest, but very nice and comfortable emirate for a relaxing holiday. Here you can walk through the old city, visit the parks with attractions and playgrounds, museum with ancient weapons and artifacts. To get to any place is not difficult, because the city is quite small. Ajman is also famous for its fishing places, fishing tours are very popular here. You can ask to cook your fish in any restaurant.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the richest and most luxurious emirate, the capital of the UAE. There is everything for a luxurious vacation: fashionable hotels, limousines, boutiques, clubs, theme parks and even gold dust on dishes. Each attraction is amazing: the artificial Yas island and theme parks, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the zoo, the Louvre and many others. The beaches in Abu Dhabi are very clean and comfortable for families with children.

Gorgeous snow-white beaches, water parks and zoos, historical sights and ultramodern theme parks - we can endlessly list the benefits of each emirate. To see all the most interesting and exciting sights, it is better to go on sightseeing tours. It doesn’t matter which emirate you choose for your vacation, a vacation in the UAE will give you the most vivid impressions!

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