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Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai, UAE
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Dubai Expo 2020 Tickets and Transfer

Take a trip to the future!

Participants of the international exhibition Dubai Expo 2020 present the latest technologies and developments which will improve the life of mankind and preserve nature. Visiting more than 200 pavilions you will see extraction of water in the desert, a kitchen where only robots work, transport of the future, virtual reality and other innovations!

192 countries take part in the exhibition, each country has built its own pavilion with the latest technology in a futuristic style. More than 60 events are held every day: opera, theater performances, flash mobs, concerts of world celebrities, parades and many others. In more than 200 restaurants, you can taste national dishes from different countries, enjoy a culinary performance and try the cuisine of the future.


Dubai Expo 2020 Ticket Options and Prices

Sustainability District

All the advanced technologies which will provide humanity with a prosperous life and development in the future are collected here. You will learn how to get water and grow plants in the desert, see a real waterfall in the Brazilian Pavilion, a green rainforest in the Singapore Pavilion and many others.

Mobility District

The digital world is becoming an integral part of our life, and new technologies will completely erase all boundaries between virtual world and reality. Here you will see vehicles of the new generation, learn a lot about space and digital technologies.

Opportunity District

The person's possibilities are endless. How our actions affect our lives, how to make dreams come true, the experience of successful people - these and other social topics are revealed in this thematic zone. A walk through the "garden of opportunities", meeting interesting personalities and useful experience from different countries awaits you.

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Dubai Expo 2020 tickets

Additional information

To enter the exhibition, you must present at your choice: COVID 19 vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test result taken at least 72 hours prior to entry.

It is also possible to take the test on the spot, but getting the result will take 4 or more hours.

It is forbidden to have stabbing, cutting objects with you.

Cancellation policy

Booking cancellation is not possible.

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