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Whatever you decide to do in the UAE, be sure, it will be interesting. Even fishing in UAE will be luxurious and exciting. It is not surprising that fishing trip UAE is becoming more popular among tourists. A good catch always brings unforgettable experiences and beautiful photos are guaranteed.

Price List for tours, excursions, trips and activities in Dubai and United Arab Emirates
Deep Sea Fishing Tour in Dubai and the UAE on boat equipped all the necessary fishing tackle.
4.7 (2 reviews)
Crab hunting in shallow water between the islands of Umm al-Qaiwain.
5.0 (1 review)
From Dubai Marina, West Marina • 1 hour • with captain
4.8 (1 review)
From Dubai Marina • 2 hours • up to 8 passengers • with captain
4.9 (0 reviews)
Cozy yacht with a length of 50 feet and a capacity of up to 12 passengers, Dubai Marina.
4.9 (0 reviews)
From Dubai Marina (pier 7) • 1 - 5 hours • at 6:00 - 20:00 • up to 11 passengers • with captain
4.8 (0 reviews)
From Dubai Marina (pier 7) • 1 - 5 hour • at 6:00 - 20:00 • up to 42 passengers • with captain
4.9 (0 reviews)
Spacious yacht for long cruises with a capacity of up to 23 passengers and a length of 58 feet in Dubai Marina.
4.9 (0 reviews)
Cheap sharing fishing trip and private tour for VIP fishing. Trolling, casting, jigging and ground fishing.
4.7 (0 reviews)
Italian yacht with 40 feet length and a capacity of up to 10 passengers in Dubai Marina (East Dubai Marina).
4.8 (0 reviews)

UAE Fishing Trips

You should definitely try Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai. The tour includes fishing on a modern board which is equipped with everything necessary for trolling, casting, jigging, and ground fishing. A professional team will tell you about all the secrets of fishing and show you the secret spots of the Persian Gulf for a good catch. Then you will taste delicious dishes from the caught fish that the cook will prepare for you.

If you are staying in Abu Dhabi, make sure you go on Fishing Trip. You can choose cheap sharing fishing trip or private tour for VIP fishing. The tour includes trolling, casting, jigging and ground fishing both for the beginners and experienced fishermen. Don't miss your chance to catch barracuda, tuna, cobia, sea bass, mackerel, swordfish and other exotic fish.

Have you ever dreamed of catching a crab? Welcome to Crab hunting in shallow water between the islands of Umm al-Qaiwain. The locals have been fishing and catching crabs in this area for many years and you will learn all the secrets of crab hunting. Hunting starts in the evening, because in the dark crabs gather on the rocks. You will receive the necessary equipment for hunting: tridents, special protective shoes and lanterns. Your guide will take you to the places where many crabs live. Then the cooks will cook your catch in a restaurant on the beach. It is an excellent end of your hunting experience.

Even if you are not a fishing fan, it is worth trying fishing in UAE. This is not just fishing, it is a real exciting journey which will give a lot of emotions. You can book best fishing tours at our website at the best prices.


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