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Splash Tours Dubai

Dubai, UAE
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Splash Tours Dubai Marina

by Splash speedboats

A sightseeing tour by water transport in Dubai is a popular entertainment. The city is situated on the shore of the Persian Gulf and a lot of human-made canals run through the city. Many tourist attractions are right at the seashore that is why one of the best ways to learn about the city is a sea tour. Besides, you will be able to take photos from the water without crowds of tourists.

A sea trip by Splash speedboat is a perfect combination of a sightseeing tour of Dubai and an extreme outing in the open sea. Splash speed boats are super fast and at the time safe boats which are capable of sailing in the sea with high waves. The trip with the speed of up to 7 knots and abrupt turns is an ideal fun for the lovers of extreme adventures. You will be accompanied by real professionals - the captain with many years of experience and skippers that will make your vacation even more comfortable and exciting.

Options and Prices

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Splash tour Dubai Marina is a wonderful alternative to a “land” tour. The tour begins with the sightseeing of Dubai Marina and then, enjoying the fresh sea breeze, we are heading towards real adventures at a breathtaking speed. When approaching the attractions, the captain will slow down the boat and tell you all about them.

During these stops you will have a chance to take photos in the background of the most famous Dubai landmarks: Jumeirah Palm Island, the Atlantis hotel, the legendary Burj Al Arab Hotel, Jumeirah Beach embankment (the route and the number of sights depends on the duration of the chosen tour). Group and private tours are available.


Splash boats are small inflatable boats with solid and durable case with capacity of up to 10-12 people. Such boats are frequently used by the police or lifeguards. Safety of the passengers is the main priority of the Splash Boat Tours crew.

All the boats are regularly technically maintained, equipped with modern electronic devices and GPS navigation system. Soft seats for passengers have backs and chair arms. Each guest is provided with a life vest which inflates automatically when in contact with water. Splash boat tours are not recommended for pregnant women and children with weight less than 15 kg.

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Departure point

Splash Boat Tours Pier in Dubai Marina, Al Seba street, between Al Rahim Mosque and the Signature Hotel Apartments.

We can recommend Splash boat tour. Few days ago we had amazing trip, we booked 90min exciting boat tour which was really enough for the day, this tour make our day and was the best in our journey to Dubai. All staff like they job, they are friendly and very helpful staff. I think that they provide the cheapest rates for such tours, we could not find cheaper similar boat trip in Dubai. You'll jumping out of your seat several times as the boat accelerates against the tides. Staff is very cooperative, driver knows what he's doing and fellow passengers enjoy together. We have seen the sun going down, Atlantis, Burj Al Arab etc from the waters.

The Splash Boat team was very friendly and helpful. They provide safery jackets, water on the tour and told interesting facts about
attractions. I think the best time for the trip is 9.00 am and afternoon start from 4:30 pm, it is not so hot. Before start we have signed agreement with safety rules and insurance conditions, thats whu had to show our passports.

Splash boats are amazing) The route is very interesting, we took many photos.

Very exciting and interesting trip. Friendly guides and super fast speed boats!

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