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What to see in Sharjah?


Holidays in Sharjah

Sharjah is a small nice emirate in the UAE, which is located near Dubai. The picturesque resort is located on the coast of the Arabian Sea. It is quite popular among tourists due to historical sights, large shopping centers and sandy beaches. If you visit Sharjah for the first time, we’ll tell you which sights you should definitely visit here.

Remember that Islam is the official religion of the country and you need to respect local traditions and laws. You can’t walk in short dresses, show feelings in public or drink alcohol here. Beautiful landscapes and amazing sights in Sharjah will compensate these restrictions.

Quran Square

A grandiose monument to the Quran is installed in the central square of the city. The monument depicts a holy book - a symbol of Islam. A huge open book rises on an elegant colonnade above the square. The place for the Quran was chosen for many reasons: the square is surrounded by cultural institutions from all sides. Government and administrative buildings, the Center for Muslim Culture, the Archaeological Museum, the Pink Mosque and King Faisal Mosque surround the square.

Old Town and Museum of History

If you want to see what the city looked like before the oil era, you should visit the Old City. A small district with ancient buildings, museums and a bazaar is hidden behind modern buildings. In the Islamic Museum you can see ancient objects dating back to the 12-14th centuries: coins, works of art, household objects and many others. In the science hall an ancient map of the world is presented, which was created 1200 years ago.

In the Museum of Historical Heritage, each hall is dedicated to a certain period of cultural development. The museum presents ancient exhibits of architecture, clothing, household items and other finds of archaeologists.

Old market

Souq Al Arsah or Coal Market is the oldest market in the country. Centuries ago, coal was exchanged here for overseas goods from India and Iran. Now you can buy anything here: handmade products, souvenirs and jewelry, daggers, chests, carpets, baskets from palm leaves, healing herbs, musical instruments. There are about 100 shops, the owners of which are always happy to welcome visitors and tell about their products and craft.

The old market is located in the center of the old city. Coral walls, pendant lights, a massive traditional-style roof and huge wooden doors create a unique atmosphere. Traditionally, after a successful shopping, you can drink a cup of aromatic coffee in a local cafe.

Al-Buheira Embankment and Port

If you want to go for a walk in Sharjah in the evening, Al-Buheira embankment is a perfect place. A beautiful promenade with palm trees and parks stretches around a picturesque lagoon. There is also the famous Sharjah Fountain, which is very beautifully illuminated in the evening. You can take an amazing boat trip on a traditional Arab boat.

Sharjah tours

If you want to learn about Sharjah as much as possible and see the most famous sights of the cultural capital, you can go on a sightseeing tour. An individual transfer with a professional guide will make your holidays in the city unforgettable.

If you are spending your holiday in this emirate, you can choose tours from Sharjah to any destination, for adults and children, educational and entertaining. First of all, we recommend going on tours from Sharjah to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as well as to the Indian Ocean. You can see the full list of tours here.

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