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The most famous places in the UAE


Top attractions in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is the place where all dreams come true. Artificially created islands, gardens and ski slides in the desert, ancient artifacts, amusement parks, hotel complexes and other popular attractions will amaze your imagination. We created a list of the most interesting places which you should definitely see in the UAE.

Burj Khalifa

Perhaps it is the most famous landmark of Dubai. During the building of this project, the height of the tower was kept in secret until the last moment.The owners planned to call the tower Burj Dubai, but later decided to rename it in honor of the Sheikh of the UAE. There are observation decks, residential apartments, a hotel, shopping centers, offices in the highest skyscraper in the world. The air in the building is cooled and aromatized. You can book a tour at our website and learn more facts about the Burj Khalifa, take incredible photos on the observation deck.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

A huge mosque with an area of about ​​12 hectares was built in Abu Dhabi in honor of the first ruler of the Emirates. It is definitely worth seeing this beautiful mosque, the walls of which are decorated with precious metals. There are beautiful gardens around the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and a huge carpet inside which can cover five football pitches!

Palm islands

The artificial Palm islands are the famous wonder of the world, which is even visible from space! The famous archipelago includes three palm-shaped islands with crescent moons, which symbolize the Islamic religion. You can see all this beauty while flying on helicopter. On the islands you will also find a lot of entertainments: water park, underwater bridge, diving, windsurfing, yachting and many more.

Al Ain Paradise

It is a real floral oasis in the desert. Plants feel comfortable in a hot climate due to artificial closed-loop creek. The most beautiful flowers from all over the world grow here, amazing compositions were created from them: arches in the form of huge hearts, a 12-meter Eiffel Tower. When some flowers fade, others are blooming in their place. In the evening, all compositions are illuminated, creating a very cozy atmosphere. Don’t forget about the incredible aroma in Al Ain Paradise.

Dubai Marina

It is an elite district in Dubai with huge skyscrapers, the beach, a pier with moored snow-white yachts, where only very wealthy people can afford housing. The best way to enjoy the local scenery is to go on an evening cruise on a real Arab boat.

Aquarium in Dubai Mall

You may have heard that the Dubai Mall is the world's largest shopping center, but do not forget that the largest aquarium in the world is also located there. Over 30,000 species of marine life, including sharks and stingrays live in this huge aquarium. 75 cm thick glass was used during its construction! You can see animals not only behind glass, but also from the inside. You can dive into an aquarium with sharks in a cage, take a walk along an underwater 48-meter tunnel or take a boat ride with a glass bottom. Both children and adults will have a wonderful time here.

A trip to the UAE will turn your mind around, it seems there is nothing impossible here! You can book the best tours in the UAE at our website and visit famous sights.

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