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Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai

Dubai, UAE
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Catch a wave in Wild Wadi Dubai

the most popular water park in the emirate

Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai is one of the most popular parks in the UAE, which will make your vacation in Dubai as exciting as possible. It is located in the heart of the prestigious district of ​​Dubai. Only here, a magical panorama of the Arabian Gulf opens from the top of the attractions. The name of the waterpark is translated as "mountain river". Wild Wadi Dubai is famous for the Flood River - an extremely fast river, the wave height of which reaches one meter. The theme of the park is devoted to magical Arabian tales.

Take a ride on the Jumeirah Sceirah, try a rapid descent along a crazy gutter, 120 meters long, accelerating to a speed of 80 km/h. What about rafting along an artificial river with terrifying whirlpools and weaves? Or maybe slide down the eight-level slides on Master Blasters? Do you want to conquer the wave during surfing or bodyboarding? Every guest of the park will find the perfect entertainment.


Wild Wadi Dubai tickets price

Tickets and transfers to the park

Jumeirah Sceirah

The most panoramic slide of the Wild Wadi rides, with a height of 32 m. Guests go into special booths and descend along a long winding into the pool.

Burj Surj

Of course, you should not miss the Burj Surge attraction, where you can go down using an inflatable raft into calm waters, overcoming rotating bowls on the way.

Master blasters

It is a fantastic construction of eight slides, where the guests go up and down with many sprays.

Juha’s Dhow

A real pirate ship with a variety of slides and swings will make children of any age happy.


The ride is designed for surfing, as well as bodyboarding. It is possible to use the help of an instructor.

Wild Wadi options

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Additional Information

According to the rules of the park, visitors are not allowed to bring food, snacks, juices and water (more than 0.5 l).

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