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Warner Bros World in Abu Dhabi

Dubai, UAE
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The largest theme park

«Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi»

For true fans of comics, a visit to the giant indoor amusement park "Warner Bros World" on Yas Island will be a pleasant surprise. Here visitors can see the fantastic world of famous heroes, a smaller copy of Hollywood and a children's area with carousels, slides in the style of "Scooby-Doo" and "Tom and Jerry". You will be surprised by the scope of the new generation design. After all, the area occupies more than 150,000 sq.m.

Of course, first of all, "Warner Bros World" will be interesting for families with kids. Basically, all the entertainment here is provided for children. Here, even children from the age of 3 will have something to ride. There are no mind-stirring attractions for those thirsty for adrenaline.

The park has six zones, each in its own style. "Badrock", "Metropolis", "Dark City", "Warner Brosers Plaza", "Cartoon City", "Dynamite Gorge". There are storage rooms, changing rooms, strollers for rent.

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Badrock River

For children with a height of 105 cm. The attraction is a quiet walk along an artificial river, with decorations in the style of Flintstones.

Fast and farry-aus

For children with a height of 115 cm. The Wild West-style attraction is a Looney Tunes coyote suspended on a rocket.

Tom and Jerry

For children with a height of 105 cm. The attraction immerses us in an exciting chase of the famous Tom cat for Jerry's mouse. First we will get to the house of heroes, then to the mouse hole. The trip will take place in interesting trolleys in the shape of saucers.

Scooby Doo

For children over 90 cm tall. During the attraction, we will get into a real investigation conducted by the iconic Scooby team.


For children over 80 cm tall. It is the most classic carousel with different animals.

The Batman. Night flight

For children with a height of 120 cm. A picture of Batman's crazy race over the city of Gotham will unfold in front of us on the big screen.

Riddler Revolution

For children with a height of 120 cm. It is the scariest attraction. It will take place on spinning plates on bizarrely twisting rails. Dedicated to an evil character hunting Batman.

Joker House

For children of any height. It is a walk through the Joker's lair along a dark corridor, through a mirror maze and moving steps.

Training Academy

For children with a height of 110 cm . Children can test themselves on the climbing wall, ride a zip-line, climb the steps.

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