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The Green Planet – Rainforest in Dubai

Dubai, UAE

Prices for tickets to The Green Planet in Dubai

Evergreen Jungle in Dubai

The Green Planet is a unique place in Dubai. It is an evergreen roofed jungle with its own ecosystem. About 3,000 tropical plants, animals and birds live here. The climate conditions in the park, including the temperature and humidity, are recreated as close as possible to their natural habitat. Cute residents of the Green Planet feel at home.

The Green Planet entrance ticket will allow you to spend the whole day in the wonderful world of exotic jungle. It is a great option to enjoy family holidays in Dubai. You will see different representatives of the tropics and visit Australia without leaving Dubai. Some of the most amazing animals live in its forests, for example the sloth or the sugar marsupial flying squirrel.


Entrance ticket to the Green Planet

The entrance ticket to The Green Planet includes a visit to 5 thematic zones, each of which represents a specific floor of the rainforest – the terrestrial part, the flooded rainforest, the forest floor, the midstory and the canopy:

  • The world of Australia (terrestrial part) – here you can see monitor lizards,the carpet python, the sugar flying possum, the marsupial wallaby, theamazing Kookaburra bird and many others.
  • The Flooded Rainforest. Turtles, lizards, piranhas and various types of outlandish fish are found in the reservoirs of the local Amazon.
  • The Forest Floor and The Midstory – here you will meet the inhabitants of evergreen trees – the emerald tree boa, colorful parrots of Cuba, squirrel monkeys from Costa Rica.
  • The Canopy – on the last floor of the zoo, you will be greeted by many colorful birds, bats, as well as the slowest mammal – the sloth, which loves to sleep more than anything else.

There are different activities and interactions for an additional payment in each zone. You can feed the piranhas, or even swim with them, can take a picture with a toucan, touch a sloth or a dwarf flying marsupial. The schedule of activities can be changed, check it at the park entrance.

The Green Planet Location and opening hours

The park is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00. It is located at the junction of Al Wasl Road and Safa Road, Dubai.

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