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Sharjah City Tour

Dubai, UAE
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Sharjah - cultural capital of the country

traditions and customs of the east

Sharjah is the third biggest emirate, the cultural mecca of the country where the traditions and religious postulates of Koran are highly respected. When you find yourselves in Sharjah, you will get a clear realization that you are on the territory of the Islamic state. All local women observe the dress code rules: covered knees, shoulders, and belly, they mostly wear abayas and hijabs. There are the strictest rules in all the country. For example, showing love and affection between men and women in public is forbidden. But at the same time a holiday in Sharjah is especially calm and peaceful. There are a lot of cultural monuments, museums and archeological sights.


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The Quran Square

The sightseeing tour of Sharjah begins with a visit to the Quran Square - one of the most popular tourist places in the city. There stands the Holy Quran Monument which is 7 metres tall. The Holy Book of Koran rises majestically as if soaring in the air.

Sharjah Embankment

Al Buhaira is a beautiful cosy embankment which attracts both tourists and locals. It is a perfect place for taking walks and having a rest. A wonderful combination of cityscapes, water surface of the gulf and green lawns with palms create a lovely atmosphere of an oriental fairytale.

Old City and History Museum

This districts tells us about the past of Sharjah when it was a simple little fishing village. Here you can observe the everyday life of local people before the ‘oil era’ and a fortress where the City Museum of Sharjah is situated. You can go up the walls of the fortress, touch ancient cannons and look out of the loopholes. In the Old City we are going to visit one of the numerous museums of Sharjah - the History Museum.

The Old Market

The Old Markets can be considered ‘museums’ as well. Here you will feel the atmosphere of an eastern fairytale and smell fragrant spices. You won’t be offered alcohol drinks in bars and restaurants of Sharjah because drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden here. That is why many people come to the markets in the evening in search of communication and emotions. Here you can find anything - from Persian carpets to antique jewelry.

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