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Dubai Miracle Garden and Global Village

Dubai, UAE
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Dubai Miracle Garden and Global Village Tours

Fantastic floral oasis in the middle of the desert

Would you like to see fifty million flowers and feel wonderful dizzying aromas? Dubai Miracle Garden is definitely the best place among famous flower gardens. Visiting a wonderful garden in the middle of the desert will be an exciting experience! Millions of flowers were arranged in colourful arches and patterns. The most talented florists have gathered here to create this inimitable masterpiece. Flower lovers come here from all over the world to see this bright flower paradise.

More than seven hundred thousand liters of water are used every day so that every flower can live. Every six months, all compositions and figures are changed. Every day more than a hundred workers are working tirelessly and without rest. Here you can meet many families with children, because young naturalists will also be interested in visiting such an unusual garden.

Tours to Dubai Miracle Garden and Global Village

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Dubai Miracle Garden

The shape of the garden resembles a circle, divided into many thematic zones with beautiful gazebos for relaxation and cute paths. In each zone you will see picturesque landscapes and floral figures: a reduced copy of Burj Khalifa, a full-length A380 aircraft, retro cars, clocks, waterfalls, cartoon characters and other delightful compositions. In summer, when air temperature is more than 40 degrees, the garden does not work. By fall, experienced landscape designers work hard from dawn to dusk, creating new masterpieces.

If you want to recreate any floral figure from the garden at home, you can buy seeds of the necessary plants on the territory. The park employs professional photographers to capture the brightest moments. Cozy cafes are located between the zones, where visitors can have a snack while enjoying the delicious aromas of floral masterpieces.

Global Village

You will visit the giant World Fair, where in the numerous pavilions goods from different countries are presented: India, Thailand, France, Great Britain, Turkey, Arab countries and others. Here you can buy unusual souvenirs and authentic products which convey the atmosphere and distinctiveness of a particular country. The fair also hosts different national shows non-stop.

Dubai Butterfly garden

The Butterfly Garden is not included in the tour price, but you can buy a ticket on the territory. Throughout the garden territory you will see saucers with fruits for bright butterflies. In the center there is a fountain with a pond, surrounded by colorful flower arrangements. More than 15,000 butterflies are flying throughout the garden and are not afraid of visitors. The spectacle is truly fantastic! Hurry up, because by evening these beautiful creatures get tired and fall asleep.

Exciting Tours to Dubai Miracle Garden and Global Village

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