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Dubai Safari Park

Dubai, UAE
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Dubai Safari Zoo

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In 2020 Dubai Safari Park resumed its work after reconstruction. The huge zoo area covers almost 120 hectares. Over 2,500 animals and birds from all over the world live here - from turtles to huge African elephants. The park is divided into four zones: Explorer Village, African Village, Arabian Desert Safari and Asian Village. In each zone, you will find animals which live in these regions. You will visit the jungles of Asia, Arabian Desert and tropical forests of Africa. You can ride in special air-conditioned trams around the zoo from one zone to another.

Dubai Safari Park is not just a zoo. It is a wildlife park, animal shelter and educational center. Fans of the animal world will enjoy visiting bird shows and giraffe feeding. Young visitors can pet and feed cute animals at the kid's farm.

Dubai Safari Park Tickets

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African Village

Chimpanzees and gorillas, African elephants, lions and cheetahs, lemurs, turtles, snakes, hippos and other African animals live in open and closed aviaries. Interactive stands will tell a lot of amazing and interesting facts about African animals. Do you know that one adult gorilla is as strong as 6 adults?

Explorer Village

In Explorer Village, animals live in natural conditions without any aviaries or fences. Therefore, in this area you can ride only in special minivans. The Safari Journey ride in Explorer Village is included in the combo ticket price. From the window of a comfortable bus, you will see giraffes, ostriches, crocodiles, zebras, lions, mountain antelopes, rhinos and water buffaloes. Here everyone can also feed the giraffes, see an aquarium with a hippo and watch the bird show.

Asian Village

In this beautiful area with waterfalls, you will see unique representatives of the Asian fauna - Himalayan bears, orangutans and Komodo monitor lizards.

Arabian Desert Safari

During Arabian Desert Safari you will learn more about the inhabitants of the Arabian Desert - the Arabian wolf, gazelles, oryx, mouflons and ostriches. At the petting zoo children can see harmless domestic and wild animals. The animals are friendly and gladly accept treats which can be bought here.

Dubai Safari Park is a great place to spend time with your family. Cute Dubai Zoo Park inhabitants will give you a lot of positive emotions. There are cafes, street food tents and two restaurants of traditional and European cuisine in the park.


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Bringing any food is strictly prohibited by the park rules.

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