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Dubai Parks and Resorts

Dubai, UAE
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4 amusement parks in 1

fun and unusual entertainments in Dubai

The concept of the park combines four themes: Legoland and Legoland water park, Bollywood and Hollywood parks. The complex, with an area of ​​more than 280 hectares, will definitely amaze you. Here you will forget about the problems and completely immerse yourselves into the world of amazing entertainments.

Here you will see more than a hundred unusual attractions, beautiful embankments, a French village in the style of 17th century, copies of the iconic Indian districts, non-stop shows in all zones and unusual water park. In Legoland you can build luxury cars, amazing robots, shoot balls, find a pirate treasure, ride a roller coaster made of Lego, visit a children's driving school, buy Lego and many others.

"River Land" is a thematic zone near a beautiful river. Here you can walk along the delightful bank of the river, admiring the bridges and amazing buildings in the style of the 17th century.

In Bollywood Park, you will feel the stunning energy of India. You can take a walk from Mumbai Square to Bollywood Boulevard and watch fascinating national dancing.

You can choose Dubai parks and resorts tickets to visit one or two parks from the complex. See more details below on the page.

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In this world of Lego, almost everything is created from the legendary meccano. Here you can create whatever you want: a car, a robot, or any desired figure. There is plenty of material for the work of the imagination! There is even a driving school in which your kids will be able to try themselves in the role of a driver and acquire the first driver’s license. In the zone with slides and carousels you can have a lot of fun. Do you want to find the treasure hidden by the pirates or shoot from the cannon in the Adventure zone? The copies of great attractions are presented in the exhibition area Miniland. There is also a mini-factory where you can buy Lego.


Here you can ride 20 water slides on designer's Lego pillows, swim in the pool, catch an artificial wave, launch a Lego boat. Bright colors and children's laughter create the atmosphere of celebration and fun.

Hollywood World

This park is divided into five zones. Columbia Pictures offers a ride on a roller coaster, artificial river, a free fall and 27 more attractions. Central film studio has a beautiful walking area. Cute blue colored creatures live in Smurfs Village. Fans of puppet theater, 4-D movies and swamp parties should visit Dreamworks zone.

Bollywood park

This complex with five zones immerses guests in the world of famous Indian films. Small copies of the main streets and boulevards, including Mumbai Square and Bollywood Boulevards are recreated here. Energetic dances and songs will help to learn more about Indian flavor.

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