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Desert Horse Riding in Dubai

Dubai, UAE
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Dubai Desert Horse Ride Experience

make your dreams come true

Horses in the UAE are always adored and respected, considered to be the treasure of the nation. Here a horse is like a family member surrounded by love and care. Arabian horses are known all over the world for their speed and endurance.

Buying and keeping horses is expensive enough. In the UAE, only sheikhs can provide horses with proper care. These revered animals live in clean and bright rooms, which sometimes look like 5-star hotel room with marble floors and air conditioning. Such stables you can see at the Maida Racecourse, owned by the UAE Minister of Defense. There is no opportunity to ride a horse here, because these horses are too valuable and their main mission is to win the races.


In order to see these amazing animals which are able to make friends and even love, we suggest going to Horse Riding Club Dubai. The tour includes a short tour of the stable and 1 hour of horse riding in the desert. The youngest guests will be able to chat with little and kind horses - ponies.

Horse Riding Dubai price includes: transfer from the hotel in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, horse riding.

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