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Camel Safari Dubai

Dubai, UAE
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Dubai Desert Camel Ride

Amazing desert adventure

Despite the fact that Dubai is an ultra-modern emirate with a highly developed economy, the tents of the Bedouins and local nomads, can still be seen in the Dubai desert. Since ancient times, the Bedouins have been breeding camels. These graceful animals, adapted to the wild heat of the desert, played a huge role in their lives. Camels served as means of transportation, a source of food and a symbol of wealth. Their skins were used to make tents, shoes and warm clothes and carpets were woven from their wool. The nutritious camel milk was used to make yoghurts and butter. Camel meat was served at weddings and other big events. By the way, one of the most popular gifts from the UAE is camel milk chocolates.

Camel Safari Ride Dubai

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Please note! All desert excursions are conducted in English. Due the period of quarantine restrictions, there is limit for space in the transport. The payment for children under 3 years old is also charged.


During your vacation in the United Arab Emirates, you should definitely go on Camel Safari Dubai. Under the guidance of professionals, the camels are obedient and submissive, you can stroke them, feed them, ride through the sand dunes. Their kind eyes under the shade of long eyelashes are simply enchanting!

Choose morning or evening camel safari. In addition to camel riding, the tour includes other exciting activities (depending on the option chosen). The camel caravan will take you to the Bedouin village, where you can watch food cooking, taste fresh Arabian coffee and the national Arabian cuisine, as well as watch a fantastic fire show, Tanur dance and oriental belly dance.

Camel Tour Dubai

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We booked camel safari tour with dinner. We enjoyed every minute of our 7-hours trip. After pickup from our Dubai hotel, we have traveled into the desert by air-conditioned minivan. Then we had relaxing ride across the sands to a Bedouin-inspired camp. We strolled into the dunes for sunset photos, and enjoyed the activities on offer inside the Bedouin-style tent—getting a henna tattoo, sipping Arabic coffee, and watching bread- and coffee-making demonstrations. Traditional Arabic dinner was good, but some dishes are unusual for us.

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