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Abu Dhabi City Tour from Dubai (Sharjah, Ajman)

Dubai, UAE
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Abu Dhabi Tour from Dubai

Fairytale city

Abu-Dhabi is an island on the shore of the Persian Gulf, the center of oil export, the capital of the UAE. This city can get a lot of superlative descriptions - the hottest, the richest, the most beautiful, the safest city in the world.

The sightseeing tour of Abu-Dhabi will prove that. We are going to see the best tourist attractions of this “luxury city”. This description suits this city the best because luxury here is in every sq.metre. There are no rich and poor districts, the whole city is elite.

The first thing that catches attention during the trip around Abu-Dhabi is a great number of date-palms. Over 40000 date-trees are planted here. They are a beautiful decoration of the city and also create a shade which is so needed in such hot climate. The white Sheikh Zayed Mosque impresses the guests with its grandeur, luxury and tolerance since it can be visited by representatives of other religions. Here lies the biggest Persian carpet in the world which is 5627 sq.m, and weighs 47 tons, 1200 weavers, 20 technical groups and 30 workers took part in its creation. In the halls of the mosque seven chandeliers of the German production with tinsel and Swarovski crystals decorate the ceilings.

Only one hundred years ago there was a little fishing village and the desert in the place of this huge modern city. We are going to learn about Abu-Dhabi’s past from our trip to an ethnographic village of traditional way of life. Today it is the city of the future with luxurious palaces, impressive skyscrapers and picturesque landscape. The sightseeing tour will take us to one of the greenest spots of the city - Al-Batin embankment. We are going to see the palaces of the royal family, stop at the Louvre, an art gallery with unusual architecture - a tracery dome through which the light falls on the exhibits of the world heritage.

We are going to have buffet lunch in the 5* hotel (not included in all the tour options).

At the end of the tour we are going to visit an artificial island of Yas, famous for Formula-1 races and Ferrari theme park with an area of 200000 sq.m. If you want, you can visit the Ferrari park and go back to your hotels by yourselves. (Admission ticket to the park is not included in the price of the tour).

Options and prices

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We recommend bringing with you:

A photo camera, some money for extra needs.

The dress code must be observed when visiting the mosque:

Men must wear trousers (not shorts!). Short-sleeved shirts are allowed but without prints of human faces or animals. If you have tattoos, you must cover them with clothes.

Women must wear a long wide skirt (not tight), clothes mustn’t be revealing or have any sleets. Women can also wear trousers but not torn jeans. Jackets or dresses must be with long non-transparent sleeves (¾ length is not accepted). A trouser suit made of dense tissue (preferably not white) will be perfect for the occasion. Heads must be covered with a headscarf.

At the entrance women can get abayas - special muslim clothes to wear over your outfit. So, if your clothes doesn’t meet the requirements of the dress code, you can get an abaya at the entrance for free.

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