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The Black Boats Tours in Dubai

Dubai, UAE
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Sea Tours from Dubai and Marasi Marina

by The Black Boats (speed boats)

Going on an exciting ride along Dubai seaside in super comfortable Black Boat is a perfect way to see the main sights of the megalopolis. You don’t like walking a lot and traveling by auto transport, do you? Then super fast Black Boats are an ideal solution.

The Black Boats sail off Dubai Marina and Marasi Marina for 60- and 90-minute rides. During the tour you will see all the city’s landmarks and take wonderful photos.

60- and 90-minute Tours from Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina Tours start at Dubai Marina Mall, next to Pier 7. A 60-minute ride will show you the main attractions of the city - Dubai Marina Canal, Bluewater Island, Jumeirah Beach, the Atlantis Hotel. And during a 90-minute trip you will see all the mentioned above plus an amazing view of the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab Hotel, the Madinat Jumeirah Hotel and the Royal beaches.

60- and 90-minute Tours from Marasi Marina

The boat tour along Marasi Marina Canal starts at the only yacht pier in the city center - Marasi Marina Business Bay. A 60-minute trip shows you the main sights of the megalopolis center - Dubai Canal, Burj Khalifa, the JW Marriot Hotel, waterfall of Dubai Canal, and Jumeirah Bay Island. A 90-minute trip includes all the mentioned above sights plus The World Islands, the Burj Al Arab Hotel and the Madinat Jumeirah Hotel.

Individual trips

You can take an individual 60- or 90-minute sea trip for your private company. The indicated price is for a group of up to 9 people. The route of the tour can be changed. It is possible to stop to have a swim.

Dubai Black Boat Offers

Options and prices for Black Boat Sea tours



Modern boats, with luxurious wide leather seats, can gain speed up to 62 knots. Of course, the speed for travelling with passengers will be slower, but believe us - you will get your rush of adrenaline!

The capacity of the boat is 13 passengers and 2 crew members. To make the trip even more comfortable, only 9 passengers will be travelling at one time. Everyone will have enough room. The captain and the skipper are always present on board. The captain speaks English and tells interesting facts about the sights during stops.


All the boats are modernly equipped. All the passengers have medical insurance. For filling in the necessary papers, it is advised to arrive at the pier 15 minutes before the departure. You will be asked to show your foreign passport. Make sure you have it with you, otherwise you won’t be admitted on board.

All the passengers are provided with new life vests. These sea tours are not recommended for children under 3 y.o., pregnant women and people suffering from back and spine illnesses.

Description of options

for Black Boat Sea Tours in Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we take a swim during Black Boat Tour?

The stops are only for taking photos. Swimming is possible during individual Black Boat tours only.

2. Is there a toilet on board?

No, there isn’t. You can use a restroom at the pier.

3. Is the boat covered?

No, the boat isn’t covered, it’s fully open.

4. What do I need to take with me?

You need to have your passport, a photo camera. Drinking bottled water is available on board. It is not allowed to bring food and other drinks.

5. Is there a parking at the pier?

Yes, a parking is available for the Black Boat clients at the both piers.

6. What time is the best to see the sunset?

The sunset happens at 17:00 - 19:00 in Dubai and changes depending on the season. You can clarify the time of the trip at sunset before booking.

Black Boat Pier Location

Dubai Marina, Pier №7

Dubai's Marasi Business Bay

Thank you for your great service! Had an amazing 60 min boat trip with black boat and our guide Jamil! Very fast and extremely, but in the same time very comfortable speedboat. Captain and guide are professional and friendly staff. We were allowed to play our own music through the bluetooth speakers which was fantastic! Had enough time to take photos near Atlantis Hotel. Would 100% recommend to everyone!

Our family liked this trip so much. Interesting and exciting sightseeing)

Black boats are really chic and comfortable, the walk was a real pleasure! The captain told many interesting facts about the sights.

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