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Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai, UAE
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Night Safari Dubai: 2 and 3-day tours

overnight stay in the desert

Overnight desert safari tour is a great option for fans of adventures and wildlife. During 2 or 3 day tours you will learn more about the life of nomadic tribes - Bedouins, see the flora and fauna of the Arabian Desert. You will find out about the Arabian lifestyle 70 years ago in the harsh climatic conditions of the Rub al-Khali desert.

In addition to visiting natural attractions and the Bedouin camp, the tour includes active entertainments: camel riding, mountain biking, jeep safari, kayaking on the lake and a boat trip in the Persian Gulf (depending on the chosen tour). You will definitely enjoy private tours with a personal guide.

Night Desert Safari Dubai

prices and options

Please note! All desert excursions are conducted in English. Due the period of quarantine restrictions, there is limit for space in the transport. The payment for children under 3 years old is also charged.

It is hard to imagine vacation in the Arab Emirates without visiting the Dubai Desert. The nature of the Arabian desert can be so different. At sunset, the sun covers the desert with soft orange rays, at dawn it illuminates with warm morning light! What an exciting experience to see the night sky, strewn with stars! The night sky in the desert differs from the sky in Dubai – it is covered with million stars of different brightness and size. In the city we can see only the brightest objects in the night sky. Thousands of other stars remain hidden because of the bright city lights.

Admiring the sunset in a hot air balloon in the desert will be an incredible experience! It is a great option to see vast desert landscapes and get an adrenaline rush!


Overnight Safari Dubai for 2 and 3 days

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Useful information

  • You should take your camera, sunglasses, hats and a warm jacket - it gets pretty cool in the desert at night.
  • Desert safari tours for several days are not recommended for children under 5 years old and pregnant women.
  • Please note that pregnant women, children under 5 years old, people over 70 years old, people weighing over 120 kg, people with spinal diseases are not admitted to hot air balloon flights.

Refund and cancellation policy

Once the booking is made and the order is confirmed, the following cancellation fees will apply.

1. Cancellation or modification of bookings for a group of up to 4 people:

a. Cancellations made at least 18 hours before the tour: eligible for a full refund.

b. Cancellation made less than 18 hours before the tour: not refunded.

c. Guests who test positive for Covid-19 and must cancel their booking will be eligible for a full refund.

2. Cancellation or modification of group bookings before the tour (group of more than 4 people in one booking):

a. Cancellation 7-14 days before the tour: eligible for 50% refund.

b. Cancellation less than 7 days before the tour: no refund.

3. If you do not join the tour, join it later, or leave the tour before it is completed, no refunds are available.

4. It is recommended taking out travel insurance. It will cover your expenses in case of unforeseen circumstances which prevent you from joining the planned tour.

5. Refunds are not possible in case of force majeure, including adverse weather conditions or equipment problems. Some entertainments of the tour depend on the weather conditions, and the company is not responsible for the impossibility of their implementation on the day of the trip.

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