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MARCO VARNI Leather and Fur Store in Dubai

Dubai, UAE
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High Quality Greek Fur and Leather Coats

MARCO VARNI was founded in 1973 by entrepreneur Marcos Varnis, whose name became one of the largest fur brands on the planet. There are two factories and one trade and exhibition center with a total area of 10,000 square meters in the Greek city of Kastoria.

MARCO VARNI fur coats are designed by the best professionals in the world. All coats are sewn from excellent raw materials purchased at the largest auctions in the world, such as American Legend (Blackglamma), NAFA (BlackNafa), Russian Sable, Kopenhagen and Saga.


For the last 50 years advanced technologies, highly qualified experienced workers and strict quality control of the production process including the selection of the model and raw materials have become the main advantages of MARCO VARNI Company.

The result is the long-term success of the stores in Kastoria, Halkidiki, Katerini, Rhodes and Dubai, as well as thousands of satisfied customers all over the world.

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